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Shaping the future by empowering everyone, not just a few

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Our Mission

Dailight was conceived at the pivotal moment when we recognized and embraced the full potential of Artificial Intelligence to significantly enhance the social impact. Dailight is our answer to the challenge of advancing AI technology with societal benefits and bridging the gap between AI research and real-world applications.


Dailight launches and incubates a series of new initiatives that leverage AI technology to promote equal opportunity and empower people around the world to reach their full potentials. Our core technology, developed by a team of leading AI researchers, empowers the initiatives to achieve scalable and sustainable impact.

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Current Projects

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ReadableAI.png aims to eradicate language barriers and improve accessibility of information and knowledge for everyone.

The core technology of is unique text simplification AI capability that can adapt any text for the reading needs of different groups of people e.g. people with cognitive disability.


AI ZWEI aims to democratize AI to allow everyone the opportunity to create AI solutions without coding or AI knowledge.

We achieve this by developing an AI solution-building platform with an intuitive natural language interface to enable every business and organisation to benefit from AI.

Our Team

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Khaleeq Aziz

CEO & Co-Founder

Khaleeq is CEO and Co-founder of Dailight and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in AI, IoT and healthcare. He is also the CEO and founder Symanto, an AI company specialised in text and voice analytics through the unique lens of psychology. He strong believes in both the benefits and the necessity of democratising AI, which has set him on the journey of Dailight to transform human ingenuity into positive social impact.

As a trained forensic psychologist, Khaleeq also has a chapter in his career profiling psychopaths.

"Democratising AI means giving everyone the equal opportunity to understand AI, leverage AI and channel their voice and ideas into the AI development. That is what drives us at Dailight."

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